Books about the Lodge project

Three books have been published by the 'Bristol Spirit Lodge'. 

This book was published during the early stages of the Lodge project.  In it the author describes how her interest in the subject became ignited and why she felt inspired to found the project.  The book offers practical information about how the Lodge began and moves on to offer reports of some early séances with a few mediums who shared their early experiences. 
'Spirits in a Teacup' by Christine Di Nucci.

Jack Hunter came to the Lodge whilst researching the subject matter for his Phd (Anthropology).  He subsequently supported the publishing of this book.  
'Charlie' by Christine Di Nucci and Jack Hunter.

Rachael came along to the Lodge as a guest sitter and was surprised, to say the least, when she saw her father again.  Rachael has since then built a Lodge in her own back garden.
'Hello Dad' by Rachael Revelle. 

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Further feedback:
You ask me about my impression of the book “Spirits in a Teacup.”  Yes, that was so interesting to me that I have read it twice! First of all, I’d like to applaud that this book is the matter-of-fact record written by a leader of a non-profit group which apparently has been working sincerely for the explication and development of spiritual phenomena. And it is for me a fresh astonishment to know that there still exists physical mediumship which I have known only through the books in the past, and that such physical phenomena are even more evolving! One of the evolutional factors which have impressed me utmost is that the spirits are using a new type of energy for some phenomena, which should be safer than ectoplasm. Surely the spirit people too are developing their technologies! I think, this book not only contributes to the diffusion of the spiritual truth that life goes on, but also it encourages all the people concerned to keep on their sincere spiritual studies and activities. From this book I have also learned the importance of home séances/circles which consist of only affectionate and earnest participants.
I thank you very much for recommending this wonderful book to me.
Fujio (Japan)

All three books are obtainable from the publishing agent: 
They may also be available through Amazon at lower cost.